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SOLD Sales Executives # 4 - Hiring Sales Stars

What's Inside Issue #4:

  • Truly Human Leadership – Everyone Matters by Annette Franz (Gleneicki) - p.6
  • Teaming Inside & Outside Sales. Secrets to Getting the Best of Both (Part 2) by Mitchell Gooze - p.16
  • The Problem with Forecasting by Dave Brock - p.28
  • 10 Techniques to Instantly Make Your Sales Team Better by Mike Brooks - p.38
  • The Most Dangerous Time of Year by John Brubaker - p.56
  • Sales People Need to Act Like Personal Trainers, Not Bartenders by Bob Apollo - p.70

    Cover Story: Staffing Your Sales Team for Success by Neil Shorney

      • Dave Brock

        Dave Brock President and CEO at Partners In EXCELLENCE. As founder, president and CEO of Partners In EXCELLENCE, Dave has led in building the company to one of the leading boutique consultancies specializing in business More »

      • Paul McCord

        Paul McCord is President of Mc-Cord Training and Development, a sales training and consulting company focused on helping companies develop high production B2B sales teams More »

      • John Brubaker

        John Brubaker is a nationally renowned performance consultant, speaker and author. Using a multidisciplinary approach, Brubaker helps organizations and individuals develop their competitive edge. More »

      • David Newman

        David Newman As the founder of Do It! Marketing, David Newman works with executives and sales teams who want to establish their position as thought-leaders and win more business, more easily and more often. More »

      • Dan Waldschmidt

        Dan Waldschmidt is an international business strategist, speaker, author, and extreme athlete. More »

      • Bob Apollo

        Bob Apollo is the Managing Partner of UK-based Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners. More »

      • Steven Rosen

        Steven Rosen MBA, is the founder of STAR Results. STAR Results is a sales leadership coaching, training and consulting organization More »

      • John Sylvester

        John Sylvester is responsible for the motivation division of p&mm ltd and a Director on the board of the IPM. More »

      • Mark Hunter

        Mark Hunter , The Sales Hunter, is a consultative selling expert committed to helping individuals and companies identify better prospects, close more sales, and profitably build more long-term customer relationships More »

      • Allan Himmelstein

        Allan Himmelstein is President of Sales Coach AZ, which specializes in developing customized, highly effective sales procecesses More »

      • Andy Hanselman

        Andy Hanselman helps businesses, their leaders and their people ‘Think in 3D’! That means being Dramatically and Demonstrably Different! He is a recognised expert and key note speaker on the key issues that businesses face today More »

      • Annette Franz (Gleneicki)

        Annette Franz (Gleneicki) is a Client Services executive who has run Services departments/teams for Allegiance, Medallia, CustomerSat, and BizRate/Shopzilla, all companies focused on improving both customer and employee experiences by utilizing their software tools to facilitate listening to and operationalizing the voice of the customer. More »

      • Powell, Meridith Elliott

        Powell, Meridith Elliott , President of MotionFirst, is a coach, speaker and business development expert. More »

      • Colleen Stanley

        Colleen Stanley is president of SalesLeadership, Inc., a business development firm specializing in sales and sales management training More »

      • Alen Majer

        Alen Majer is a sales expert, writer and trainer; author of this very successful sales blog. He draws upon more than 20 years of international sales More »

      • Dan Hudson

        Dan Hudson - a 3forward co-founder and President, Dan Hudson has a B2B sales and sales leadership background of more than 30 years. More »

      • Shirley Garrett

        Shirley Garrett , Psy,D, LPC, DAC combines her experience in marketing and sales with over 25 years of experience the field of psychology, to offer insights to the business community. More »

      • Mike Brooks

        Mike Brooks is founder and principle of Mr. Inside Sales, a Los Angeles based inside sales consulting and training firm. Mike has been voted one of the most Influential Inside Sales Professionals two years in a row More »

      • Joshua Paul

        Joshua Paul is the Director of Strategy at Socious, a leading provider of online customer community software to businesses and membership organizations. More »

      • Matt Heinz

        Matt Heinz is a national speaker and author, and his most recent book is Successful Selling. He is President of Heinz Marketing Inc. More »

      • Rebecca Morgan

        Rebecca Morgan , CSP, CMC, specializes in creating innovative solutions for sales and service challenges. She's appeared on 60 Minutes, Oprah, the Wall Street Journal More »

      • Mitchell Goozé

        Mitchell Goozé A recognized expert in marketing, innovation and leadership, strategic positioning, and customer relationships More »

      • Frank Belzer

        Frank Belzer is the VP of Corporate Training at Kurlan and Associates and has been helping companies for the past 7 years to improve the effectiveness of their sales and overall go to market strategy. More »


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